Our Story

Gillian Meacham has been around horses since she could walk. By the age of 17 she was selected on her first NZ Development Squad and from there she continued on to become a member of numerous National Development and Pre Elite training squads. A regular competitor on the NZ eventing scene at 3 star level she also joined a group of top New Zealand Eventors in competing in the 4* class at the first Adelaide International 4* event.

The journey Gilly has been on not only gives her an understanding of horses and the equine industry but also as a rider she understands the difficulties of trying to keep horses sound and healthy whilst working to obtain maximum fitness and competing on a regular basis.

Gilly’s vision for HorseFit was to develop a business that could provide innovative products that she truly believes in and that are tried and tested on her own horses. Products that help riders look after their horses that are easy to use and effective.

When you spend time with Gilly you can’t help but be impressed by her genuine passion and love for horses and the industry she is in. This passion is reflected in HorseFit, the products she selects and the team around her who work hard to give NZ riders access to the most innovative and user friendly products from around the world.

Hitchhiker CCI* Winner National 3 Day Event NZ

Mulberry Walk CCI**** Adelaide, Australia

Taupo 3Day NZ - G Meacham, Twice winner of the Caseley Trophy at the Taupo National 3Day Event Championships, Awarded for excellence in Preparation and Presentation.

Mulberry Walk CCI**** Adelaide, Australia

Mitchener - Sydney Olympic Test Event 1999

Zumalek CCI** Taupo National 3Day Championships, NZ

Mitchener CCI*** Puhinui 3Day Event, Auckland NZ

Turtle Creek CCI*** Advanced One Day Horse Trial Hawkes Bay, NZ

Turtle Creek - Richfields International Horse Trial CIC*** NZ

Kite Runner CCI* Puhinui 3 Day, Auckland NZ