#1 Make sure the panels are in the boots flat side to the horse's leg

#2 Although you can move the panel to different pockets in the Tendon boots, the best place to use the panel for maintenance or rehabilitation is in the pocket that sits at the back of the tendon.

#3 When using hock or knee boots the panel goes into the pocket battery first, so the on/off mark is in line with the on/off mark on the boot.

#4 Setting 2 is your main setting when being used daily. 

#5 Always use with cold packs if swelling is present.

#6 The most effective way to use your boots at an event is to wait until the legs have cooled down, then use on setting two with the cold packs, the reason for this is that when your horse is very hot and the blood is pumping around the horses body in large volumes the vibration is not required until the legs have cooled off to help flush out any soreness and swelling.



For Best results use daily

Always start on setting 1 with cold packs

Never use with cold packs prior to exercise

Cold packs can be chilled in the fridge or freezer, if using the freezer it is advised to leave out for at least 5 minutes before use

When heating the cold packs, heat in warm water not in a microwave

Always use with cold packs when swelling or heat is present

Do not use on fractures or infections