From Horseware Ireland, created by William Micklem

The Rambo Micklem Multi-Bridle and Competition Bridle are award winning bridles carefully designed from the inside out by leading international coach, author and breeder, William Micklem. William is an amazing man who spent over 15 years perfecting these bridles which focus on both exceptional comfort for the horse and effective communication for the rider.  His dynamic and innovative alternative to the traditional bridle is structured around the intricate anatomy of the horse's skull and specifically avoids pressure points which consistently cause discomfort using traditional headwear.  

Both forms of the Micklem Bridle have a wide, padded headpiece which distributes the weight of the bridle evenly and comfortably over the poll.  The headpiece, browband and noseband are softly padded for the horse's comfort, and carefully positioned straps are fitted to hold the bridle securely in place.  ALL straps are carefully placed to avoid placing any inward pressure on sensitive areas of the horse's face.  The leather cheek and nose pieces avoid critical areas such as the fragile facial bones, facial nerves and protruding upper jaw and molars.  This clever design also minimises shifting of the bridle parts whilst the horse is in work.  

Both Micklem bridles are made from high-quality, hand-rubbed leather and come in black and dark Havana brown.  Two sets of bit straps and four tongue protection bit clips are included with the bridle.

Both the Micklem Multi-Bridle and the Micklem Competition bridle come with tongue protection bit clips.  These clips are designed as part of a tongue protection system which relieves the pressure on the tongue and transfers pressure onto the nose. This can help horses with tongue pressure issues and horses who get their tongues over the bit, or stick their tongues out to the side. In addition to the above, bit clips have been found to help with horses that pull, as the weight is transferred onto the noseband which then acts as a combination noseband.  Please check the rules and regulations of your equestrian discipline to check that the bit clips are legal for your specific event.  Both bridles are FEI approved and are legal for use in NZEF Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing competition without bit clips.

The Micklem Multi-bridle was the first of the Micklem bridles to reach the market and was the winner of the prestigious Beta International Innovation awards in 2008.  It combines several pieces of equipment into one. With a few small adjustments, it can easily be adapted for use with a bit, as a bitless bridle (with 3 strength options) or as a lunge cavesson.  A truly multi-purpose bridle.

The Micklem Competition bridle is based on the popular original design of the Micklem Multi-Bridle, but is intended for use in competition as a bitted bridle only.  The D-ring has been removed from the noseband for a cleaner, show ring ready look.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions with regard to fitting your bridle.  Keep in mind that the nosepiece should sit 2-3 inches above the horses mouth, with the cheekpieces passing just below the horses protruding cheekbones.  When you're fitting your bridle, we suggest starting off by shortening the cheekpiece/nosepiece first, once this is correctly fitted (sitting above the fragile nose bone and just below the cheekbones on each side of the face) we shorten the bit straps and then fit the lower straps under the jaw and nose.  Please note that neither of the lower straps should be tight, they should sit flush and are designed to allow for a small amount of movement in the mouth.  If you find that your straps are not meeting or the bridle is sitting too low on the horses nose then you may need to adjust the size.  

Horses heads vary a great deal but a general guide to sizing is;
Pony 13.2HH and Lower 
Small Horse/Cob 13.2HH up to 15.2HH Fine Head 
Standard Horse 14.2HH Large Head to 16.3HH Fine Head 
Large Horse 16.2HH Large Head and Higher 
If you prefer to take a measurement to check your size requirements then measure the distance from the bottom point of the protruding cheek bone on one side of the head, to the bottom point of the protruding cheek bone on the other side of the head, going around the front of the head over the nose.

  • Under 27 cm (10.6 inches) = Pony
  • 27 - 29 cm (10.6 to 11.4 inches) = Small Horse
  • 29 - 31 cm (11.4 to 12.2 inches) = Standard Horse
  • 31 - 33 cm (12.2 inches to 13 inches) = Large Horse
Correct size is extremely important, if you find that your new bridle is a size to large or small we are happy to exchange it, please contact us immediately to discuss your requirements. 


"We just wanted to thank you so much for introducing us to the Micklem bridle.  It has made such a difference to Bentley.  From the very first time putting it on, Bentley instantly seemed so much more comfortable - in his previous bridle, just a normal caveson, he would dive down into the bridle when putting it on and lean on it when ridden, there was a constant battle of trying to get him off the forehand.  There has been none of that with the Micklem, an overnight change.  As a result, Bentley's flatwork has improved, his dressage scores have gone up and he's using his body beautifully over jumps.  Thank you!!" Deborah and Samuel, Auckland. 


My dressage boy has a long standing tongue over the bit habit.  I did change the bit to a good old fashioned simple hollow mouth but recently I decided to lift the bit up a bit higher in the new bridle and added bit clips.  He fussed a bit for a couple of rides but I'll be damned he's given up as he can't get his tongue over, so his fussing in the mouth is stopping slowly! I think the bit clips (which I only just thought to add) have helped him, of course can't compete in them but hopefully breaks his habit.  Now I'm used to it the bridle it’s great! Easy to use.  Most excited about it for kids to save ponies mouth while learning!  Jenn G. West Melton