"I'm really thrilled with the results of my Sportz Vibe rug. It gets used everyday at home and is so easy to put on and take off. Being so light weight, it comes along to each competition as well.  The horses love wearing it and seem more relaxed after use. I use it before work and sometimes as an after work treatment too. The neck attachment has been particularly useful".
- Blyth Tait

"I'm thrilled with my Sportz-vibe massage rug and ice vibe boots. I've really noticed the difference with warming muscles before riding, great for the girthy ones!!"
- Dannie Lodder, Eventing (NZ)

"I recently purchased the rug, neck rug, front leg boots and hock boots. Value for money they are the best product available. The difference in riding my horse after using the system is amazing. Rou moves freer straight away. I love how you can move the vibrating pads around to a specific area on he legs. You can even take them out and use them on yourself! Love how there are no wires. Quick and easy to put on. I use them when a horse is at a show and standing around in a yard or box to improve circulation and prevent swelling. After competing put the ice inserts in and prevent any issues. Great for any discipline."
Betty Brown, Dressage (NZ)

"We use the rug a lot and would not be without it. Ben used to have the physio all the time as he gets tense sore muscles. Since using the massage rug we have had a different pony. No soreness and moving so much better. People commented on his movement and how well he looked at HOY. The only change is the rug. He competed every day Tuesday to Saturday and up to 3 classes in a day and was foot perfect, happy and moving beautifully all week. Normally he would be muscle sore and grumpy by mid week and we would have been getting the physio to help him. This year he was a happy relaxed boy all week. He won runner up NZ riding pony, top 10 NZ bred pony, 4ht level 2 dressage musical freestyle, 7th overall level 2 dressage pony and Stephanie rode him to runner up Intermediate rider of the Year. He was amazing all week. Our other pony Poppet (dark grey) is a REAL mare very hot and temperamental and is horrible when in season, just does not want to be touched and actually swells up behind the saddle. With the rug on she is a different pony. Much more relaxed and settled and a much easier, happier pony. We don't compete her now without using the rug first."
-Baker Family (NZ)

"Kiwi Kazue aka Blue is loving his new Sportz-vibe rug! Thank you so much Gilly for your amazing service at Horsefit, we love it!"
- Janelle van Roon (NZ)

"Thank you so much for the sportz vibe, denzel was sooo much more relaxed after having it on in between tests today, he loves it!"
- Kellie Stonestreet (NZ)

“Donnerbella is loving her new rug:) thank you”
- Tania Smith (NZ)


The Sportz vibe rug has helped hugely in the muscle rehabilitation on my new racehorse. With 20 mins daily use of the rug and a couple of Physio sessions, the improvement to his frame and action in 4 weeks has been very good. The rug is also very easy to use.
- Tessa Foreman

Today Michelle O'Connor Veterinary Physiotherapist came to visit Misty - he was absolutely brilliant. He was in the best order Michelle has seen him in. Horseware's SPORTZ-VIBE rug has him feeling unbelievable. He's a hero, love the wonderpony.
- Christa Dillon


After a month of use on two horses with individual problems it’s a bloody fantastic product!!!
On our arthritic mare Holly I am using it pre and post ride and she isn't as stiff and much more forward going. Quinn, the second mare had stretched her annular ligament. I had been using the Ice-Vibe boots as part of her recovery process and have now incorporated the rug. Again she is rugged before and after exercise and has started back jumping as a result of using the Sportzvibe Rug. I really feel the rug is making a huge difference to them both especially Holly :D BIG HUGE thanks to both you and Louisa for you time and advice and for the rug ..... cant rate it enough 5***** - Sharon Cooke, Horse Owner & Rider


I used it on my team chaser and within a few days i could feel the difference in him. I had a back lady out to him before i started using it and he was really tight in his back and hips. I had her back out the other day for a re-check and she said his back was so different and he was starting to mussel up better along his back. I then told her that i had been using the rug and showed her it on, she thought it was really good and she said it had made a difference.
- Sarah Shoemark

Harry adores his rug and boots and goes to sleep with a droopy lip. This is a horse who was in so much pain you could not even touch his back. We had tried another massage rug to compliment his fortnightly physio but the problem was it only covered the saddle area and not the sacroiliac area. Harry means the world to me but I am not a professional rider, more a happy hacker with some hunting and low level competition thrown in. I had looked at activo med and cyclossage rugs but they were far to expensive. The sportz vibe is a fantastic rug which is affordable whilst still covering the whole horse. It is easy to fit and the panels easy to move around. The elasticated chest is a fantastic idea - i wish it was on more rugs. Harrys back muscles are so much freer. He is now sound in front. We have definitely turned a corner.

- Polly and Harry