Hira Laboratories is a New Zealand owned and operated business that was established as a limited company in 1999 after many years of preparatory research. Its objective was to provide a range of high quality herbal plant based products for people and animals organically grown and manufactured in New Zealand. The company has been involved in developing a medicinal plant nursery focusing on many types of medicinal herbs including more of the unusual ones like ashwagandha, vitex agnes, sawpalmetto, licorice and green tea.


  •  Hiralabs is committed to ensuring that plant integrity is maintained through its rigorous manufacturing process from harvest to bottling.
  • Their herbal liquid products are highly concentrated with a long shelf life and whole herb products contain no fillers or bulking agents.
  • While they are not able to make any therapeutic claims in relation to conditions that characterise pain and suffering, they are able to provide advice on how you may be able to address certain conditions.
  • Hira Labs recommend that each individual conducts their own research so they are well informed about the efficacy of herbs.
  • When taking herbal products we always make the caution that medicines should not be discontinued with out the veterinary’s or doctor’s advice.
  • Wherever possible we use organically and/or pesticide and herbicide free plant material.

If you have any questions regarding your horses condition or would like additional information regarding Hira Labs products we suggest you contact Everdien van Eerten (Marketing Manager) directly at info@hiralabs.co.nz.  A very helpful lady who is always willing to answer questions and has excellent product knowledge.