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Rambo Allrounder V-Front *NEW Stock!

$210.00 NZD

A very popular new addition to our summer range, the Rambo Allrounder V-Front is an excellent summer turnout option for the chunkier types. The V-Front is designed to allow more shoulder movement and take pressure of the points of the shoulder, whilst the 60/40 polycotton fabric will help keep them...

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Amigo Aussie All Rounder Summer Sheet

$199.00 NZD

Amigo Aussie All Rounder Summer Sheet - Disk Front The Amigo Aussie All Rounder now in a Disk Front Option, ideal for horses needing a little extra room through the shoulder.  The disk front has been extremely popular in Australia, now available here in NZ in a light weight summer...

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Amigo Allrounder Helix Classic Front

$179.00 NZD $159.00 NZD

The super popular Amigo Allrounder now in a lovely light Helix fabric!Helix behaves just like cotton but with slightly better rip resistance compared to the same weight of cotton.  Tested through Australasia over summer in a full summer sheet version and the Helix Airflow version, the Amigo Allrounder Helix Classic Front...

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Amigo Airflow Classic Front - Last two!

$199.00 NZD $149.00 NZD

The super popular Amigo Airflow Classic Front summer sheet is back! Two light breathable fabrics in one.  Poly cotton fabric over the back and mesh on the sides provides uv and fly protection yet extra breathability!   A great summer sheet for horses that sit need a little more protection than a...

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Amigo Airflow Helix Classic Front

$189.00 NZD $165.00 NZD

The Amigo Airflow Classic Front summer sheet combines two light breathable fabrics in one.  A very breathable summer sheet ideal for horses that sit a little hot but need more protection than a flysheet.   Helix behaves just like cotton but with a slightly better rip resistance compared to similar weight cotton. Tested...

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Rambo Flybuster - The Ultimate Fly Sheet

$299.00 NZD from $199.00 NZD

Top Quality Durable Rip Stop Fabric Excellent Fly Protection + Comfort. A Serious fly sheet built to last! Vamoose Anti Insect Technology Unique Patented Fabric UV Protection Belly and Neck Protection Mane and Shoulder Lining The Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose offers the benefits of a super robust summer flysheet plus the added...

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Rambo Flymask Plus Vamoose

$89.00 NZD from $65.00 NZD

Large fitting soft ears Extremely durable textilene body Detachable Nose Protection Improved Design to protect eyes Adjustable closures with elastic to allow the horse to graze comfortably The Rambo Flymask Vamoose has a new improved design for optimum eye protection whilst ensuring an excellent fit. Treated with Vamoose Technology it...

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Rambo Flyboot Airmesh Vamoose

$89.00 NZD $74.00 NZD

The Rambo Flyboots Vamoose are made with an air-mesh body and Vamoose treated fleece binding which effectively repels flies and other biting insects and prevents them sitting/attaching to the lower legs.  The innovative fabric used is strong enough to withstand paddock use yet allows excellent breathability. Features include: Contoured fit Secure closures Vamoose insect control...

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Rambo Extended Hood

$85.00 NZD $69.00 NZD

Super breathable Extended Hood with cotton/poly outer and main lining.  The Rambo extend Hood provides additional coverage over face to prevent UV damage, protection against flies and to avoid those big dirty patches prior to shows!  Also includes reinforced straps on the neck and fleece lining around the nose and eyes...

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Rambo Tail Bag

$35.00 NZD $29.00 NZD

Rambo Polycotton Tail Bag Colour matched to the Rambo Optimo and Rambo V-Front summer sheets but will fit all of the Horseware summer sheet range. Compatible with any rug or sheet  100% breathable  Soft fleece edge to ensure comfort under the tail Silky lined to help polish the tail and prevent rubbing Enclosed bottom...

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Amigo Chest Extender Helix Allrounder

$23.00 NZD

For those that need extra room in front for big shoulders or wide chests.  Classic Straight Front Closures that fixes into your existing classic front closure rug. White with Navy Check and Navy/White trim

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Rambo Airflow - Pony NZ 4'3 Last two!

$169.00 NZD from $135.00 NZD

SUPER Special price - Last two in stock! The Rambo Airflow is a smart looking summer sheet/fly sheet designed for hot days when you need a bit more protection than a fly sheet but not a full turnout.  Using a quality 40% cotton, 60% poly upper, combined with polyester mesh...

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Rambo Show Set - Sheet

$289.00 NZD $259.00 NZD

The Rambo Show Set Sheet - an effortless way to keep your horse super smart and show ready this season! Made from ring spun polyester with moisture management technology to wick away sweat and keep your horse clean, dry and comfortable. Features: Horseware's Helix fabric for super breathability, moisture-wicking and comfort...

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Rambo Dry Rug

$219.00 NZD

Super fast drying for busy riders! The Rambo Dry Rug is a fantastic microfiber towelling cloth rug with a smart hideaway neck hood. It dries your horse in record time, absorbing moisture to leave a high gloss and smooth finish to your horse's coat.  Roll up the neck/hood to dry the...

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Rambo Sports Cooler- Last few!!

$145.00 NZD from $119.00 NZD

Cotton Rich Brushed Fabric Upper with Super Wicking Ability Cooling Air Textured Polyester Net Sides Allows Free Flow of Air for Fast Drying Ultimate Warm Weather Cooler Colours Available: Navy with Grey & Red Combines cotton rich brushed fabric on top and air textured polyester net sides. The Rambo Sports cooler...

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Rhino Plus Lite 0g Turnout - Aqua Blue

$355.00 NZD

The Rhino Plus Lite turnout is made with a unique multi-barrier technology, it's 1000D polypropylene outer protects the waterproof and breathable barrier layer underneath, making it super reliable.  A very sturdy, very waterproof turnout that impresses us again and again.  Please click HERE to read recent customer reviews on last seasons...

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AmEco Bravo 1200D Plus Turnout - 0g

$319.00 NZD

Innovation for a greener future starts with the AmEco Bravo!   Extremely popular with our first run in a 100g fill the AmEco Bravo has now arrived in a lighter 0g fill,  waterproof, stylish, comfortable and breathable.  An ideal waterproof turnout for warmer weather. Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles the AmEco...

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Rhino Plus Lite 0g Turnout *Pony sizes!

$349.00 NZD $299.00 NZD

The Rhino Plus lite turnout is made with a unique multi-barrier technology, it's 1000D polypropylene outer protects the waterproof and breathable barrier layer underneath, making it super reliable.  A very sturdy, very waterproof turnout that impresses us again and again.   **  Pony special! Small numbers of Silver & Berry on...

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Amigo Hero 600D Ripstop Plus 0g

$199.00 NZD

The Amigo Hero Ripstop Plus is our number one selling summer rain sheet, it's a smart light weight turnout which is great for use in the spring, summer and Autumn months. The outer is made with 600D polyester which is both waterproof and breathable.  It has no fill and contains a shine...

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The VIP Saddle Pad

$279.00 NZD

Now Available in a Cream and Coffee brown option!!!  Finally a super slim saddle pad that doesn't add excessive bulk, doesn't slip and works beautifully!!  We've been using VIP on our horses here at HorseFit for over three years and love it.  Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us....

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